Day 1

A Card With Your
Name On It

For Day One, we sent 250,000 people a card with their name on it. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not one of them.

Day 2

Stickers To Not Use For Vandalism

For Day Two, we sent out a bunch of stickers that you definitely shouldn’t use to vandalize public property — that would be wrong. But if you've found that you’ve done that, tag your photos on Instagram as #CAHStickers.

Day 3

The Ghost of
Kwanzaa Past

For Day Three, we sent you a pack of cards called “The Ghost of Kwanzaa Past.” They’re about the worst moments in recent history, like war crimes and Blockbuster late fees.

Day 4

The Funny Pages Zine

For Day Four, we asked some of our favorite artists to make up a special holiday comic strip, and we printed it on newsprint, like the good ol’ days.

Day 5

The Ghost of
Kwanzaa Present

For Day Five, we wrote a pack of cards called
“The Ghost of Kwanzaa Present.” Everything is terrible.

Day 6

Slap .45 — An Old Western Slap Duel for 3-7 Players

For Day Six, we sent everyone a copy of Slap .45, a simple slap game where you duel your friends in a classic Western-style shootout.

Day 7

The Ghost of
Kwanzaa Future

For Day Seven, we sent everyone the “Ghost of Kwanzaa Future” pack about the inevitable course of events, like rising sea levels consistent with scientific predictions and The Great Lizard Uprising of 2352.

Day 8

Miracle Berries and Informative Pamphlet

For Day Eight, we sent everyone a packet of Miracle Berries - tablets that temporarily make sour foods taste sweet. We're pretty sure it’s legal to send these through the mail.

Day 9

The Sunlight Foundation

For Day Nine we spent $250,000 of your money to bribe public officials. See how we spent your cash here.

Day 10

A Private Island

For Day 10, we bought a private island and everyone who subscribed got a square foot of it. Congratulations, you can all now say you own a small piece of a private island at parties.

Day 11

There’s a Day 11?

Sorry to lose you as a customer.